The Business Mastery Book

A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping it Successful!

For nearly three decades, Business Mastery has supported business owners in all realms to reach new levels of success. This book is written specifically for wellness professionals. If you're a massage therapist, chiropractor, counselor, acupuncturist, homeopath, Rolfing® practitioner, nutritional consultant, naturopath, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, esthetician, psychiatrist, Polarity therapist, physician, aromatherapist, personal trainer, reflexologist, physical therapist, yoga instructor, or a practitioner of any of the numerous allied healthcare professions, this book is for you!

The fifth edition of Business Mastery is available Now.

What’s New?

Other significant changes are:

A Comparison of the 5th and 4th Editions

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Mastering business is like bringing a rainbow down to earth. It is about taking dreams, principles, goals and ideals and turning them into something real that you and others can see and appreciate. In the approach taken in this book, business mastery is not about taking steps one-two-three and you're there. Instead, this approach asks you to recognize that many colors fill the rainbow of success, and you blend these colors into the shades that best suit you.

BM's 20th Anniversary!

We held our 20th Anniversary Party of Business Mastery September 27, 2008 in Tucson, Arizona. It was truly an inspiring evening and a great time for all!


The fifth edition of Business Mastery is available now. It has been extensively reorganized and updated with several new chapters; there are now 31 chapters.

Fifth Edition Details

The Student Success Guide has been thoroughly updated, and has a new section: “After Graduation Checklist.”
An overview of Business Mastery, 4th ed is now available.
Business Mastery is listed on the top 12 reference texts for the the FSMTB’s MBLEx, and on the top 24 reference texts for NCBTMB’s NCETM.
Watch the new webinar Retail Mastery: You unique position as a Therapist.

Receive a multitude of ideas on how to creatively sell retail products and grow them into an integrated revenue stream for your practice.

A one (1) CE hour course is available based on this video.

Presented by Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Lynda Solien-Wolfe. The webinar was held on December 5, 2011. It was hosted by Massage Magazine and sponsored by WellX.

Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

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In-depth information enhancing each chapter (1 - 17):

Interview with Cherie Sohnen-Moe by MassageNerd at the American Massage Conference May 2011

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