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Second Edition

Oct/Nov 1996

Reviewed by
Bobbi Madry

We can't imagine a captain setting sail without a compass, a pilot without a flight plan or the master chef without his or her reliable recipes, yet we meet many people who risk going into business without a carefully prepared business plan. Statistics have revealed that one of the major causes of business failure is lack of planning and often lack of understanding the basics of business management.

Knowledge of the "business end of business" is an important kind of success insurance that we can't afford to overlook. This kind of success insurance is now available in the form of an exceptional textbook/workbook combination aptly named, Business Mastery A Business Planning Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping It Successful.

The author, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, is a trainer, consultant, author and successful business owner. Her company, Sohnen-Moe Associates, is a full service business consulting firm which provides tools and techniques for empowering people in business. "One of my major goals is to elevate the healing arts," says Cherie. To do this, practitioners need to become business professionals.

"At first my role in this effort was teaching, giving seminars on effective business habits and consulting with healing arts practitioners. But I realized I was only reaching a limited number of people. I decided the best way to support this cause was to write a book."

Business Mastery is more than a book, it is an entire course covering all aspects of business. It is not only a guide for practitioners, but is endorsed by business people in many fields.

Whether you are contemplating going into business or are already underway, Business Mastery offers an opportunity to review and build upon your knowledge and skills. Valuable advice is offered on building a strong foundation through goodwill, communication skills, professionalism and more. Business Mastery includes not only easy-to-read and understand instructions, it provides a wealth of charts and activity sheets to reinforce learning.

Chapter four covers practice management with information on general practices and procedures such as bookkeeping, taxes, insurance business set-up, client files and more. As you move along chapter by chapter you have an opportunity to test your knowledge on such important topics as marketing and marketing analysis, promotion, advertising, public relations and networking techniques.

The Business Plan (Chapter six) is worth the price of the book alone. It takes you step-by-step through the processes for planning a successful business venture, or it can serve as a guide to evaluating your present business plan or outline. In the final chapter, "Self Management," the author again demonstrates her thorough knowledge of sound business practices and her view that life must have balance. Time management, risk-taking and identifying barriers to success are a few of the topics addressed.

The appendix is an outstanding section with numerous worksheets to save you time and effort. In addition, there is a list of Business resource organizations, a list of professional associations and a list of Internal Revenue Service and Small Business Association publications you can write for.

The book, Business Mastery A Business Planning Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping It Successful, should be on every business person's "must have" list.

Bobbi Madry is an author, editor and business owner with more than 20 years experience in the publishing field. She has received numerous awards for community and industry service, and holds degrees in business communications and the behavioral sciences. Bobbi continues to work with aspiring writers in the aesthetics and cosmetology fields helping them to trite, research and prepare their works for publication. She lives with her family in Spring Valley, New York. Correspondence should be sent to Dermascope, 3939 E. Hwy. 80, Suite 408, Mesquite, Texas 75150; or via fax to (972) 686-5901 or America Online at DERMASCOPE.

Shared Vision Magazine
May 1994

Reviewed by
Olga Sheean

For would-be entrepreneurs who balk at the complexities of bookkeeping, taxes and financing, here is a book which demystifies successful business management. But Business Mastery is more than as artfully simple business manual; through a selection of probing exercises and goal-setting techniques, this book helps you generate joy, empowerment, balance and prosperity. Beginning with self-assessment and the clearance of negative thought patterns, the reader embarks upon a journey of self-exploration and entrepreneurial growth.

Through a series of practicable and foolproof steps, this manual teaches how to identify who you are, and the nature of your needs, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. The outcome of this process is an increased focus and ability to realize your full potential.

As part of a marketing strategy, for example, Business Mastery shows you how to determine the exact niche you intend to fill. Step-by-step, creative exercises lead you through the process of developing a position statement that will set you apart from your competition. Establishing your "differential advantage", the purpose of your business, and the psychological benefits for your clients, are just some of the issues explored.

As author Cherie Sohnen-Moe explains, "Before you can effectively create your career/business plan, it s necessary to clear the impediments to being able to choose what you want." Since these impediments often consist of conflicting or limiting beliefs, and a lack of clarity and commitment, Business Mastery prompts you to explore many personal issues how others perceive you; which people and circumstances influence your success; ways in which you sabotage and even fear your own success; and how your career limits you in achieving your life goals.

Collages, picture boards, positive affirmations and the "life plan" are just some of the creative techniques used to evaluate one s priorities and shortcomings. This intensive mental and emotional workout is designed to rid you of your limitations and prepare you for the more practical aspects of being a successful professional.

The blending of the personal and professional is what makes Business Mastery unique among business manuals. It is an invaluable tool both for establishing and maintaining a well-balanced professional life.

September 1994

Reviewed by
Michelle Anne Cox

Business Mastery is a wonderful book for anyone interested in opening up their own business of any kind. Packed full of information, this book will help direct you with your goals toward 100% achievement.

It starts out asking you questions about why you want to open this business, and helps you clear out your inhibitions toward doing so, directing you in a very positive way and encouraging you all the while. Cherie Sohnen-Moe truly wants to help you make your dreams come true. Everything you need to know, from why do you want to really do how to do your taxes, is included in this book. It is a continuous reference manual. This is a book you should use as a business bible.

This book was so inspiring to me that I actually opened my own business after reading only 80 pages. By the time I finished reading it, I found myself and my new business well on the way up the success ladder.

I truly enjoyed reading and studying Business Mastery, as I know you will too. If you ve ever told yourself that you would like to open a business, but you haven t because you didn t know how, make your dream into a reality and read this book!

The Awareness Journal
October 1994

Reviewed by
Sally Quick

How do you spell relief? B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S M-A-S-T-E-R-Y. This remarkable book is designed for, but not limited to, healing arts practitioners. It has everything the small business person could ask for: marketing techniques, ideas for expanding your business, a chapter on having a business plan, and lots of sample forms to track daily activities and measure income, expenses, cash flow and client retention rates.

This extremely easy, fun-to-use workbook helps the novice and the more experienced business person come up with new, creative ideas. It can be used on an ongoing basis, as your business needs expand and change. A definite A+.

December 1994

Reviewed by
Betsy Light

There are business handbooks for the body, mind and spirit. Designed to encourage business as an expression of creativity, individual expression, empowerment and profitability. This book embraces a holistic approach to your personal and professional life. Business Mastery has a spiritual base. Sohnen-Moe wrote her book specifically for healing arts practitioners, but her business approach is so comprehensive and clear that it can be useful to anyone. The book offers many exercises and worksheets to facilitate business growth, from goal-setting to strategic planning, to public speaking and bookkeeping and tax preparation, to goodwill and professionalism.

The book also has heart and soul: Sohnen-Moe spends time considering personal qualities such as integrity and honesty and their importance for healing arts professionals. Impressively humanistic and realistic, Business Mastery inspires confidence in one s ability to create and sustain a satisfying, thriving business and life.

The Journal of Soft Tissue Manipulation
June/July 1993

Reviewed by
Donald Dillon, RMT

It has been my experience that many massage therapists have trouble with the business end of their practice. Whether through lack of knowledge, fear of "hard-selling" or some other reason, talented RMTs have difficulty capitalizing on their wonderful skills because they do not know how to educate the masses about what they do. I think this book is a thorough step towards developing this ability.

All chapters are well written, with plenty of exercises to clarify goals and objectives to attain the desired results. The amount of useful information is phenomenal, and I felt the price extremely reasonable for so much "good advice". This is not a high-tech, super-whammy, take-the-cash-and-run business approach. It is based on the solid principle that your practice is an extension of yourself, with your goals and ideals.

This book can be used on an ongoing basis as your needs or practice goals change. I think you will find your investment well worth the time and effort.

Massage Magazine
November/ December 1991
Reviewed by
Robert Calvert

In 1988 Cherie Sohnen-Moe introduced the first edition of her book Business Mastery. It was and still is the premier book available today. It continues to fill the business information gap that each day demands more of practitioners for their successful business operation.

Because there was a considerable deficit in business coursework in massage and bodywork schools, Business Mastery has been able to fill that niche by providing the first comprehensive text for the classroom. This second edition is the author s response to the growing demand for business information as well as her timely and thoughtful sense for the kinds of information and tools today s hands-on practitioner requires.

Business Mastery is a masterful plan for any healing arts practice designed for each level and stage of business. Whether you're just getting started or are looking for ways to improve your existing business, Business Mastery is the guide you need. It will teach it will teach you, refer you, and most importantly, it will train you to think like a person in business while at the same time help you retain the goals and visions that brought you into this work in the first place. This is not a book that reads like a novel. It is a working tool for business success, use it like a tool and it will reward your dedication.

the interchange for mental health professionals
May 1994

Reviewed by
Leslie J. Hoy,
M.A., L.P.C.

As an undergraduate business major and master level clinician, I ve had the opportunity to review numerous articles, books, and workbooks that offer information about running a business and a practice. To date, none have been as helpful, comprehensive, or pertinent to clinicians as Business Mastery.

Not only is it a comprehensive business guide, it also incorporates information and suggestions on how to maintain your own sense of balance. One of the first activities you re asked to complete is a "wheel of life". This requires you to contemplate the various areas in your life that, if balanced, keep you in balance. It includes spirituality, home environment, relationships, social life, joy, health, career, creativity, finances, and education. Yes, some of us may admit that as we pursue our practice goals, we tend to push other important areas aside. Obviously over the long run, this is not advantageous to us or our clients!

After completing the self-contemplative aspects, you move on to a very important business activity planning step. This section takes you through life planning, as well as short- and long-term planning. Obviously, planning is not enough, so hints are provided for following through.

The next section covers "Building a strong foundation". The fourth chapter offers tips on practice management including business set-up, bookkeeping and general tax information.

Moving along, we learn about marketing and advertising, including how to conduct a market analysis, develop a position statement and hints on designing visual promotional pieces. Next is the Business Plan. A very effective and important tool, albeit one that many businesses mistakenly never "find time to develop", this section takes you through the step-by-step process for developing a comprehensive business plan, including an easy-to-follow outline format.

The final chapter addresses self management. It helps you identify your barriers to success, offers time management and risk-taking hints and encourages you to be your own "best manager". One of my favorite parts of this manual is the appendix. In it are over 20 outlines and protocols that may be copied for such areas as "daily plans", "contact/referral records" and "budget and expense summary sheets". They are well-developed and will save you the time of developing and formatting similar worksheets!

It also offers a comprehensive listing of business resource organizations, professional associations, and IRS and Small Business Association publications.

Overall, this is one book I plan to use often. I m sure I ll take advantage of the chapters and worksheets over and over!

Small Press
Spring 1992

Reviewed by
Carter Prescott

If you want to run a successful business but worry that you won t have enough time for yourself and/or your family, relax and read this book. In a friendly yet knowing way, Sohnen-Moe holds you accountable for leading what she calls a "balanced" life then provides all the tools for taking control of yourself and your business.

This workbook is chock full of exercises to master self-awareness as well as basic business skills. There are also sample forms to track your daily activities and measure income, expenses, cash flow, marketing endeavors, and client retention rates. This is the first marketing discussion I ve read that recommends targeting your audience according to both demographic and psychographic characteristics. She also shows you how to assess all your competitors and get full benefit from money spent on promotion. The chapter on the business plan is also the most complete I ve ever read and demystifies the process for novices.

Reflexology Digest
June/July 1994

Reviewed by
Bobbi Warren

While shopping for books that would help my students in their education, I came across this powerhouse workbook several years ago. This is definitely the best book for planning and maintaining a business that I ve ever seen. It is a combination of many business and motivational courses, saving the fledgling practitioner hundreds of hours of trial and error and hundreds of dollars.

Business Mastery is a compilation of every basic business skill in a "how-to" "hands-on" workbook. There are dozens of practical, detailed exercises and forms, considerations for self-employment, goal setting, professionalism, insurance, resumes, client files, bookkeeping, marketing, client retention, public speaking, networking, as well as sample charts, graphs and lists of business resources.

All chapters are well written and easy to grasp. Many who have trouble with the business end of their practice or don t know how to educate the masses about what they do, will find this to be the perfect vehicle for developing these abilities. Written particularly for healing arts practitioners, this book is also used successfully by car repair shops, printers, restaurant owners and others.

Cherie wrote the book to help people "earn a decent living doing what they love"". A loving person, beautiful friend and successful business owner herself, Cherie Sohnen-Moe is living proof that what she writes has succeeded!

Midwifery Education
Fall 1994

The part of midwifery that many of us dislike is the business aspect of establishing and maintaining a practice. This book is designed for healing arts professionals, and so it can be easily adapted to help midwives set up their practices. Highly recommended for both individual midwives or as a required book in practice management courses. Topics include self-assessment, planning and goal setting, marketing, practice management and establishing business plans.

It demystifies in clear simple language taxes, bookkeeping, permits, insurance billing and legal aspects of business and practice management. An extensive appendix includes many useful forms and charts. Well written and holistic in approach this book is an important resource tool for any midwifery practice. A required book in many massage and chiropractic schools in practice management courses, this book should be definitely included in midwifery schools as well.

The Book Reader
May/June 1990

Business Mastery is a large-sized workbook for those in the business of health. Setting up business in this field is not quite the same as in most other fields. "Achieving success in the business world while staying true to the principles of healing and service to others may at times seem like a contradiction in terms". The point is that "once you learn the rules of the business world, you can choose which ones you want to incorporate in your life and determine how to get around the ones you don't like".

The book covers initial considerations for self-employment, goal setting, strategic planning, professionalism, insurance, resumes, client files, bookkeeping, managing, choosing advisors, marketing, public speaking, networking. Each section is explained simply, then you are given segments to fill in. Sohnen-Moe makes business far less intimidating than it can be: one step at a time, one set of considerations at a time, one concern a page. Superbly comprehensive. Nothing else like this around in the health care field.

Leading Edge

Fall 1992

If your business is up and operating, or you find yourself in the dreaming and planning stage, this multifaceted book needs to be on your desk. If you could use support, ideas and suggestions of how to manage the business aspects on your personal life, you will value this "how-to", "hands-on" text for this application as well.

Business Mastery is a comprehensive presentation of every basic business skill in a very readable/usable 8.5 x 11 workbook format. There are dozens of practical detailed exercises (Wheel of Life, Strategic Planning Sheet); business forms (Time Tracking Sheet, Cash Flow Forecast); sample charts and graphs; and lists of national business resources.

Written particularly for healing arts practitioners by successful business owner, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, this book s value is encompassing of every business arena. The concise, direct presentation of the material allows immediate implementation of sophisticated business procedures ranging from a business plan, marketing, to assessment of evaluation of competitors, target market analysis, insurance needs and taxes.

Each of the seven chapters are independent units for separate or sequential study. Business Mastery is a mini-MBA course!

Whole Life Times
February 1991

Reviewed by
Art Kunkin

This is definitely the best workbook on how to start and maintain a business that I have ever seen. It is definitely worth thousands of dollars to anyone planning a business or already running one.

When I first saw Business Mastery at a convention, I went back and back again to the booth where it was on sale to continue thinking about some of its suggestions. Then I realized I had to have my own copy to remind me about all the things I know or have forgotten or never fully realized about making money and being happy at it. And since then I have been recommending the book to many friends. Now I am writing this review as a labor of love to let many more friends, known and unknown, become acquainted with this gem.

This is not a "how-to" book that will sit on the shelf after the first perusal. Its 256 pages are filled with many checklists and forms that you will personalize and use as an ongoing journal to understand your strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of business.

Business Mastery is actually written for the New Age healing arts practitioner, somebody who is skilled in a particular field but not necessarily money oriented or possessing business skills. Therefore, the book goes from a checklist for going into business, to time management, bookkeeping procedures, insurance, marketing, networking, public speaking, client retention, and a collection of reproducible office forms.

The author wrote me in a letter that car repair shops, printers, restaurant owners and many others not in the healing arts or inexperienced in business successfully use the book. She told me she wrote the book to help people "earn a decent living doing what they love." I believe her and she has succeeded.