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Fourth Edition

International Myomassethics Federation Kneaded News
March 2010, Vol.36 No.1
by (new IMF member) Cheryl Morris

Business Mastery is an incredible book. More than a book, it is an educational experience. Easy to read and informative from the first page to the last.

Each chapter presents fresh information covering nearly every facet of Business Mastery, from an emotional standpoint to concrete suggestions to build your own business. It gives valuable strategies to anyone starting a business for the first time and for those who want to strengthen their business skills.

Ms Sohnen-Moe asks you to look at your self-awareness and what you value most, by presenting a "Wheel of Life" exercise and then expands into where you want to be in the future; breaking out of old bad habits that can slow you down to setting obtainable goals "building a three-dimensional miniature replica" of how you would like your office to look. This sets you up for a solid foundation.

She covers checking into permits and licenses, insurance coverage, and business plans. She offers excellent marketing ideas and non-intimidating easy-to-follow pages of valuable information about tax preparations, then finishes with an epilogue of the "ten best ways to guarantee failure."

I enjoyed the chapter location marks, easy reference, internet resources, and quotes. Even the title makes me "feel smart."

I would like to see this book as a textbook for schools for body workers as recommended reading, as well as in other business schools.

American Fitness Magazine
Jan/Feb 2010, Vol.28 No.1
If your goal as a personal trainer is to own a gym or business someday, consider Business Mastery (Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc. 2008) as a guide to help you reach your dream of a successful and financially rewarding career. This 4th edition is chock-full of tips on how business owners can increase their client base, work smarter, fine-tune communication skills and increase profits.

Author Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe is a business coach and international workshop leader. She has been a successful business owner since 1978. Before shifting her focus to education and coaching, she was in private practice for many years as a massage and holistic health practitioner.

Business Mastery is available at Amazon or

aobta Pulse
by Deborah Valentine Smith, aobta ci, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM)

Some of you may remember Cherie Sohnen-Moe from the 2005 AOBTA convention in San Francisco, and from a series of her articles on business practice that we published a few years back in this newsletter. People who participated in her workshop and read her articles expressed deep appreciation for their experiences with her. This book is more than 400 pages of insight and practicality that follow in that tradition.

Ms. Sohnen-Moe began her career in private practice as a massage and holistic health practitioner. She says, "I knew if I could help practitioners with their businesses to stay in business longer, to love what they do with good earnings, they could touch many more people beyond the clients in my practice."

And so, in 1988, she wrote and distributed 250 copies of the first edition of Business Mastery, which is now in its fourth edition and boasts over 300,000 copies in print. This edition is accompanied by a website of resources, links and downloadable forms and is a required text in 300 wellness schools. It seems that the author's business life models the success her book is aimed to facilitate.

I have to admit that I have not read all 400+ pages of this book, but I have skimmed through sections that interest me and found some very intriguing material that keeps me coming back to it. The book is organized into six sections:

  1. Set a Strong Foundation includes chapters on "Life planning" related to "Life Vision and Goals;" success strategies, including tools for actualizing goals, time-management, and tips for career longevity including avoiding burnout and having a strong support system.
  2. Intentional Excellence includes interpersonal and business ethical concerns, professional and social responsibility, and therapeutic communication—like dealing with upset clients and listening skills—client forms, interviews and phone communication.
  3. Navigate Your Way to the Perfect Job includes what to expect in certain settings, including spas, wellness centers and medical settings; fundamentals of working for an employer, including interviewing, resumes, and negotiating.
  4. Business Beginnings includes a review of the kinds of practice; how to start a business; legal concerns; setting fees and creating a business plan.
  5. Business Operations includes practice management, with advice on setting policies and procedures, buying business equipment, organizing an office, dealing with HIPAA, contracts, conflict management, and financial considerations that boost your income as well as financial recordkeeping, taxes and retirement issues.
  6. Marketing Mastery includes fundamental marketing principles, developing a marketing plan; person-to-person, written and printed promotion methods; the Internet, advertising, publicity and community relations and techniques for client retention.

The text is liberally salted with exercises, tips, published resources, Internet resources (including the Sohnen-Moe Online Resources), and inspirational quotes. For example, the first exercise, called "Wheel of Life Exercise," invites the reader to assess their current position compared to where they want to be with regard to 10 key aspects of life, including Finances, Career and Spirituality. Mapping the results gives a very interesting picture of how smoothly (or NOT) we are rolling through life.

The exercises throughout the book are excellent and intriguing, and useful for even the most successful professional. In the section on employment and negotiating a raise, there is an exercise that asks the reader to assess the worth of their services. It's a great list of questions for anyone, including the self-employed.

The technical information is also excellent. As an example, I've had occasion to attempt to explain the workings of hipaa to my students and found myself stumbling over whether to emphasize the letter of the law or the basic principles that it contains. I really appreciated the treatment of this issue in the book.

To quote:

Following the hipaa guidelines actually makes good business sense, and the requirements are fairly easy to implement. Note that even if you do not need to be hipaa compliant for your own practice, you still need to be compliant if you work with other covered entities.

There ensues a page of tips that thoroughly outline the steps needed to be compliant.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. It could well become one of those dog-eared references on my bookshelf that give me peace when the BIG QUESTIONS arise. Here's what Art Kunkin in Whole Life Times said about it:

Business Mastery is definitely the best book on how to start and maintain a business that I have ever seen. It's worth thousands of dollars to anyone planning or already running a business.

Rosen Method International Journal
by Carol Cober, pc, MT
Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner (email)

Cherie Sohnen-Moe's long-standing resource book, Business Mastery, is now in its Fourth Edition. Like the previous editions of the book, it is specifically written for wellness therapists and offers practical tools and tips. This text was one of the first few published resources about the business aspects of managing a private practice in massage and other wellness businesses. The book provides approaches for creating a professional, safe, and enduring practice and the new edition keeps up with the latest research regarding a number of pertinent issues like increasing career longevity, dealing with difficult clients, and attracting first clients.

For those who have recently started a Rosen business, you will find this book to be a valuable and provocative resource in terms of business development materials. Sohnen-Moe delivers key information to assist the reader to develop enough business savvy to succeed. It includes an array of topics from therapeutic communications, Internal Revenue [Service] issues, compensation, using the Internet, negotiations, and marketing among other topics. Others in a mid-career practice will find items to reflect on business practices that are effective in your own practice, and those that might be improved.

The user-friendly style and layout of he chapters is enhanced by icons and margins that provide quick tips and suggestions. Additional practitioner resources are available through a link and the index is set up to allow the reader to find specific items rapidly. The chapters build upon each other and include numerous illustrations, charts, checklists, and samples to enhance clarity.

As a testimony to the usefulness of this book, it is a required text in over [650] massage schools internationally. Ms. Sohnen-Moe writes with the savvy of a massage professional and teacher who has built a 30 year career of working with individuals to establish successful businesses, which lends her text a level of authentic wisdom and genuine practicality.

Club Industry
ProShop section

Having the technical skills to be a personal trainer does not guarantee success. It takes different kinds of skills and planning to cultivate profits. Thus, trainers need a good foundation in business practices and marketing. Business Mastery by Cherie Sohnen-Moe is used in more than 1,300 schools internationally and is required in more than 600. The fourth edition includes new information about how to effectively negotiate, keep up with research, deal with difficult clients, increase career longevity and attract clients. It also includes insights into how a strong brand image and Internet marketing can boost business growth.

Explore Publications Vol.18 No.4

For over two decades, Business Mastery has supported business owners in all realms to reach new levels of success. This book is written specifically for wellness professionals. If you're a massage therapist, chiropractor, counselor, acupuncturist, homeopath, Rolfing® practitioner, nutritional consultant, naturopath, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, esthetician, psychiatrist, Polarity therapist, physician, aromatherapist, personal trainer, reflexologist, physical therapist, yoga instructor, or a practitioner of any of the numerous allied healthcare professions, this book is for you!

Business Mastery serves as a trusted guide for people seeking to live their career dreams. It is specifically designed to support reader on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In the pages of this innovative, time-tested book, readers find everything needed to launch and effectively manage a thriving practice. It also includes practical tools and tips for how to market one's skills, work smarter, develop alliances through networking, fine-tune communication skills, and increase profits.

Business Mastery is filled with resources to help readers stay balanced, increase their client base, get organized, clearly define goals, and, most importantly, keep doing what they're passionate about while creating an excellent income stream. Developing business savvy is key to success - whether working for someone else or being self-employed. Whichever path is chosen, readers can count on Business Mastery to help make their dreams a reality.

Mastering business is like bringing a rainbow down to earth. It is about taking dreams, principles, goals and ideals and turning them into something real that you and others can see and appreciate. In the approach taken in this book, business mastery is not about taking steps one-two-three and you're there. Instead, this approach asks you to recognize that many colors fill the rainbow of success, and you blend these colors into the shades that best suit you.

Business Mastery is the premier business book in the wellness field, with more than 310,000 copies in print of all the editions combined, It is used in 1,300 schools internationally and is a required text in 600 schools.

“One of the reasons complementary health care is enjoying a renaissance today is Cherie Sohnen-Moe and her book, Business Mastery. This book is the only thorough business text written for the complementary healthcare professional. It is written with the courage and insight to focus on business as an integral aspect of healthcare. If you build your practice with the help of this book, you will succeed!”

Reflexology Association of California

by Stefanie Sabounchian

Would you like to know how to increase your client base, market your services, increase profits, and more efficiently manage your time and business finances?

Business Mastery - A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping It Successful, by Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe, is truly a “must-read” book for every health care practitioner, and you will always want to keep it at hand! When I started my professional Reflexology practice in 2002, I know there was more to being successful than to give a good reflexology session. Business Mastery helped me, step-by-step, to set my goal and follow a plan. In the new 4th Edition, Sohnen-Moe has added even more helpful tools, tips, checklists and sample forms to take us on a journey, not only to start a business, but, more importantly, to manage a thriving practice.

Business Mastery is divided into six well-structured sections with 17 chapters. In Part I, we explore how to set a Strong Foundation. We are invited to increase self-awareness and to let our self-knowledge work for us. Many hands-on exercises help us to find out which path of practice suits us best and what it is we want to accomplish. Chapters include “Life Planning,” “Success Strategies” and “Boost Career Longevity.”

In Part II, we learn to master “Intentional Excellence.” Sohnen-Moe asks us to be honest and courageous, "making our integrity central to whatever we do."

Part III guides us to “Navigate Your Way to the Perfect Job,” with insights on work settings and employment fundamentals.

In Part IV, we find out everything there is to know about Practice Settings, Business Start-Ups and Business Plans. In a language easy to understand Sohnen-Moe explains legal aspects of starting a business, the pros and cons of different practice settings and an indepth look at business start-up. Did you every think of writing a business plan? It's easier than you think with step-by-step guidelines to “Create a Dynamic Business.”

Part V deals with “Business Operations,” like Office Organization and Conflict Management before taking a closer look at how to “Take Your Practice to the Next Level” and “Financial Management." I was told that I am not the only Reflexologist who should pay good attention in this chapter?

In the next sections, Part VI and VII, we are lead to become experts in marketing our business. From “Marketing Fundamentals” to “Marketing Actions,” these chapters give us a wealth of ideas on how to attract clients, and, even more importantly, in the section on “Client Retention,” how to keep them coming back!

Business Mastery has user-friendly with icons throughout each chapter signaling exercises, ideas, resources, quotes and more, and it is definitely one of my most used workbooks. In short, it is a comprehensive guide to a successful thriving practice.

Business Mastery is available online at: Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc., or buy your copy directly at the booth of the American Academy of Reflexology at the ICR Conference in September 2009.

Personal Fitness Professional

New on the Market

Business Mastery, Fourth Edition is specifically designed to support readers on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In the pages of this book, readers find what they need to launch and effectively manage a thriving practice. It includes practical tools to market one's skills, enhance online presence, effectively negotiate, work smarter, develop alliances, deal with difficult clients, fine-tune communication skills and increase profits.

International Fitness Association

by Chuck Krautblatt, CEO, IFA

Free Services

A great resource of information for starting and running your business is Business Mastery by Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe. You can purchase this book at Amazon [or here]. This book covers every aspect of your business from startup through various operations intended to make your business successful.

Exceptional Resource Material

by Fitness Pro Chuck "Chuck" Krautblatt (Orlando, FL)

CEO, President International Fitness Association

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who is thinking about starting a business or already in business. The author, a business coach with a background in education, provides a clear and concise understanding of not just the basic fundamentals of successful business practice, but a comprehensive guide as well. I would consider this book a handy reference source for anyone in business. It should be read once and then re-read as reference material. No aspect of business operation is overlooked or minimized. If you already have the expertise to run a business, then consider this book a valuable reference resource.

The latest statistics from the Small Business Administration (sba) indicate that fully two-thirds of new businesses survive at least two years, and 44 percent survive at least four years. Business knowledge should be of primary importance given this grim statistic. The content of this book should provide the needed edge against failure. You would have to either get a degree in business management or hire a business consultant to provide the equivalent benefit.

by Virginia Chang
President, Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy

Great book! Buy it, use it, sleep on it, you will learn many very useful things from studying this book. I get all of my massage texts for free, but that is not the point of writing a review, whether it be positive or negative for the author. Good is Good. Enjoy!

The Midwest Book Review

The Business Shelf

Vol 8, No. 6

It's one thing to create a business. It's another to taste success. It's yet another to maintain that success. Business Mastery is the newly updated and expanded fourth edition of the reference from Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe. The result is a road map for small business owners and would-be owners who want to establish and maintain their business niche. Filled with useful and sage advice, Business Mastery is an extensive, solid reference manual that deserves to be at the right hand of every entrepreneur.

Athletic Business Magazine

by Michael Popke

(online review)

Despite its generic title and cover, the fourth edition of Business Mastery: A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping it Successful ($28.95, Sohnen-Moe Associates Inc, paperback) focuses on the launch and management of wellness facilities—including physical-therapy centers and yoga studios. Featuring tips on how to market one's skills, develop networking alliances, fine-tune communication skills and increase profits, this edition boasts additional chapters and checklists, expanded sections on finances and business plans, and new information about continuing education opportunities and increasing career longevity.

Author Cherie Sohnen-Moe, a former wellness professional turned business coach, first published Business Mastery more than 20 years ago. Now expanded to more than 450 pages, the book targets both industry newcomers and seasoned practitioners, and it is complemented with online chapter supplements and resource links.

Massage Magazine

This book is designed to support massage therapists and other wellness professionals on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. it includes practical tools and tips for marketing one's skills, working smarter, networking, effective communication and increasing profits. This new edition is completely updated with new information about effective negotiation, keeping up with the latest research, dealing with difficult clients, increasing career longevity and attracting first clients. Other new content includes insights into how a strong brand image and Internet marketing can boost business growth.

Sohnen-Moe authors MASSAGE Magazine's newsletter.

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

News Notes: A Tip of the Hat

September [2008] marks the 20th anniversary of the first printing of Cherie Sohnen-Moe's massage business book, Business Mastery. Sohnen-Moe first published the work in 1998, a time when few other books about the massage profession were on the market. After years of teaching, consulting, coaching and maintaining a successful private practice, Sohnen-Moe wanted to write a different kind of business book for the profession she loved. "I wrote and published Business Mastery because I couldn't find a business book that had the depth and practical information combined with a spiritual foundation, and written in a tone that would appeal to massage therapists and other wellness practitioners." She says people involved in the healing arts wanted a model for professional success that didn't require sacrificing their values and that's what she wanted to deliver.

Sohnen-Moe says her hope, both 20 years ago and today, is that Business Mastery helps increase massage practitioners' career longevity. Now in its fourth printing, and used as a required text in more than 600 schools, Business Mastery remains a literary stalwart in the massage profession.