Resources - Chapter 16 Supplement

Introduction Letter - New Kid in Town

Tracy Jones
974 Silver Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501

27 June 2020

Dr. Terry Smith, m.d.
Seattle Rehabilitation Center
3000 Oak Knoll Road
Seattle, WA 98111

Dear Dr. Smith:

My name is Tracy Jones and I am considering relocating my practice to Seattle. This letter is a brief introduction of the services I offer, as well as my interest in networking with other health care professionals like yourself.

I have been in practice for three years after graduating from a 700 hour program at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am a licensed massage therapist and my training includes shiatsu and craniosacral therapy. Additionally, I have six years of experience in hypnotherapy and a master's degree in psychology.

My approach to massage focuses on the body-mind relationship and specifically how massage enhances the healing process for those in psychotherapy and recovery work. For many involved in chemical and emotional recovery massage is a new experience that offers safe, nurturing touch. Massage also enhances the chemical detoxification process as it speeds up metabolism by increasing circulation.

The information I received on your center indicates that we share a similar approach to wellness. Your brochure doesn't state whether you have any massage therapists on staff. Massage would complement your services and assist in accelerating the recovery process. I hope you will consider me as a potential resource for mutual referrals and services.

I plan to visit Seattle in November to further research the area, and I would like to introduce myself in person. I will call in two weeks to see if you have any time to meet with me. You can reach me at the above address and phone number if you would like to contact me sooner.

I have included my brochure and an article by Clyde W. Ford, D.C., that further elaborates on the body-mind relationship. Thank you for your time.


Tracy Jones