Resources - Chapter 15 Supplement

Position Statement Examples

The following position statements illustrate the range of differential advantages from types of services, to philosophy, to specific clientele and to location. Position statements are similar to slogans—though not always so catchy.


Some position statements are based solely upon the service(s) provided. This approach is usually taken when a practitioner has specialized knowledge, a unique service, a particularly clever slogan or state-of-the-art equipment.


Most wellness providers have strong beliefs about the nature of well-being and their particular approach to wellness. Quite often, this is the major quality that distinguishes one practitioner from another.


Some position statements are based on appealing to a target market. For example, you may prefer to only work with one gender or a specific age group. Maybe your focus is treating a specific condition or part of the body.

Office Location

Expound upon your location's accessibility, convenience or ambiance.